Map-IndiaFun Facts:

At over 16 million tons a year, India is the largest producer of mangos in the world

In India, clasping one’s ears is a sign of sincerity, whatever that means

In 2011 someone (or many someones) in India crushed a world record in creating the longest lineup of washed dinner plates by creating a line that reached 2.36 miles and consisted of 15,295 dishes.

Useful Information:

Remember to remove shoes and cover shoulders

Don’t drink from the Ganges

Giving beggars money only exacerbates a much bigger problem


Bhang Lassi – This is more of a slurp than an eat, really. The bhang lassi is a thick yogurt drink made with cannabis and sold at lassi shops all over the country.

Don’t Miss…

Varanasi. You might find it colorful and charismatic, you might find it filthy and overcrowded but either way it’s fascinating. Varanasi is a giant stew of everything that is beautiful and grotesque about its country. Sit on the river ghats and watch the Ganges go by. If you’re lucky you’ll see the floating human remains, or processions of bobbing orange marigolds, Sadhus drinking from skulls and children bathing their cows. But perhaps the best part of Varanasi is the relentless tenacity of life, and death, just doing its thing all around you.

But You Can Skip…

The Taj Mahal. At nearly $25 a head in one of the filthiest cities on earth, the Taj is a pricy misstep in the classic India rigmarole. If you must lay eyes (or lens) upon it, climb the stairs to one of the many rooftop restaurants and cafes, engage your camera’s zoom function and click away.





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