Fun Facts:

Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia to never have been colonized by a European power.

Useful Information:

Banks and Bikinis don’t go together

If you rent a motorbike you better know how to drive it


Kao Kah Moo. Slow cooked sweet and juicy pork found in most any street market, prepared in a deliciously flavor filled consommé, served with rice, spicy sauce, cilantro and a chicken broth starter.

Don’t Miss…

The forensic museum (Siriraj Medical Museum, nicknamed the Museum of Death) in the Bangkok’s Siriraj Hospital. Dried up cannibalistic serial killers, pickled twins and tropical diseases, what more can you ask for.

But You Can Skip…

Koh Phi Phi. Once upon a time Phi Phi was a quiet tropical island with beautiful beaches, pristine waters and a quaintness that no longer exists. Today it is a shoulder-to-shoulder clusterfuck of tourism. Overrun with dive shops, souvenir stalls and dicey party joints.





*Map from Dorling Kindersley 4th addition World Atlas


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